The Creator’s Game Of Hide And Seek

Dr. Michael Laitman Everything depends on the desire; everything is revealed within the desire. Therefore, we only need a properly organized, formed, and goal-oriented desire. In order to mold our desire, to give it the right form, which is ready to be fulfilled by the Creator, the Creator plays a “hide and seek” game with us: He alternately conceals and reveals Himself. A person doesn’t always recognize this game, but it occurs constantly with every person until one is corrected.

It is necessary to recognize all the time that the whole world is no more than the manifestation of the Creator in various images: people we hate, people we love, people that help, people that interfere, ones that are close,  ones that are distant from us, friends, and completely unknown people. Everything comes from the Creator: all these people as well as inanimate nature, vegetation, animals, and all the thoughts and desires of a human being – everything except the point of our “I.” This point, this “I,” is the point of view, from which a person wishes to grow and become similar to the Creator.

The Creator uses all these manifestations of images, thoughts, and desires in the game He conducts with us. As He conceals and reveals, He brings us closer or further away; however, the Creator does both only with one intention: to stir us, as it is written, “The Upper Light stirs and evokes desires.” If, despite the fact that we are thrown from side to side all the time, we use all our strength to try to keep ourselves in the thought that everything comes from the Creator, since “There is none else beside Him,” and the Creator is undoubtedly “Good and does good,” our desires become broader and deeper this way.

If one truly “holds on with his teeth,” not allowing himself to turn away from the thought and the sensation that it is the Creator who carries out all the actions in regard to him, then a person sees how to properly use every minute of life. After all, every opponent is actually not an opponent, but rather a helper to allow one to hold onto the Creator in extreme states.

A person can advance in this manner until he reaches a state, where he is willing to do anything and can withstand everything only to not part with the Creator. This is the only thing he asks for. He sees very important exercises in these obstacles, which are sent to him with love by the Creator. The Creator just awaits a person’s willingness so that He can reveal Himself to him.

A person advances in this manner until he completes this whole process, which is called concealment or the  period of preparation and then he achieves Lishma (for bestowal) from Lo Lishma (not for bestowal). When the Creator sees that a person has completed this whole process, He reveals Himself, and the “escape” (Brach) turns into a blessing (Barech) of the Creator.”

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