Partnering With Mother Nature

Dr. Michael Laitman There exists an empty realm in nature, which is there for us to have freedom of will. It’s there for man to take care of himself and complete his own development.

This means that we must hurry to build a machine that functions as an incubator in order to make up for what nature does not wish to complete. Suppose nature developed an embryo for just six months, and then left it without any support for the last three months. We would have to place the embryo inside an incubator that makes up for the missed development, supplementing it until the full nine months.

This is what happens with the development of our soul. Imagine what kind of state we are in: At first we exist inside the living body of mother nature which raises us and cares for us, bringing us to a certain state. Suddenly, it abandons us and tells us, “From now on, make do on your own as best you can!”

Nature has brought you to the “human” level, but this is a degree you have to build yourself. Yet, there is nothing in our world that can give us an explanation of what is the “human” or “speaking” level.

A human is one who stands opposite the Creator, and the only science that explains who the Creator is, as well as His actions, desires, intentions, and goals, is the science of Kabbalah. That is why it is so necessary for us.

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