Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 03.18.10

Preparation to the Study of The Zohar
Before the Machsom a person disconnects from himself, looks at himself from the outside, and then begins to associate himself with the Creator.
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The Book of Zohar — Selections, Chapter “VaYaera (And The Lord Appeared),” Item 32
Instead of understanding The Zohar, I must sense it.  Then, with the help of The Zohar the light will come and correct me.  When I become a giver, I’ll understand how to advance toward the Creator.
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Beit Shaar HaKavanot,” Item 39, Lesson 13
Out of the myriad of Kabbalistic connections, the Kabbalists chose only those that have to do with our advancement. This is done in order to attract us.
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Article — “The Individual and the Nation,” Lesson 3
Ultimately each society comes to the understanding that the stumbling block along its path is human nature, which can only be corrected by the method of Kabbalah.
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