Inner Changes Determine The Outer Ones

innerchanges.jpgA question I received: Is it possible to build a society based on Kabbalistic laws prior to acquiring spiritual revelation?

My Answer: No; these two conditions are inseparable. We want to build a society that will be governed by the force of love. Within our unity we want to reveal the Creator, who will fill all of the space between us and will maintain our love and unity.

Will this be implemented within the framework of one nation? The fact is that all the nations are one nation; this is how they existed before the Babylonian dispersion. Can this happen within one nation? The whole world is one nation. Therefore, we should not limit ourselves with any framework. We should only worry about the internality, and from there, proceed to the externality.

Our unity must happen by virtue of the Upper Force, and not because we want to become “good” and unite on our own. The Upper Force will unite us and will determine our form. We don’t have to invent it artificially. To the degree that all of this will be revealed to us, we will advance. The Light will build everything for us and will obligate us to do everything.

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