The Spiritual Elevator

vision How does the “spiritual elevator” work? It’s like an incredible spiritual escalator where we are all connected in such a way that everyone can help each another ascend. Every person has his upper half within the Upper Level, and his lower half within the lower level.

Therefore, each of us is always connected to the Upper Level, because the upper part of his spiritual Partzuf (Galgalta ve Eynaim) enters the lower part (AHP) of the Upper Degree.

However, a person feels the AHP of the Upper Degree as darkness because it is more bestowing. A greater degree of bestowal is felt as darkness because we do not want it. Yet, if a person overcomes his egoism and makes himself “small” by using just the Galgalta ve Eynaim, just the bestowing Kelim, and if he desires to connect to the Upper Level regardless of what is happening on that level, then he cancels his ego, AHP, the egoistic desire. If a person does not wish to feel it, as if it does not exist, then he connects to the Upper One and they become one whole. His Galgalta ve Eynaim (Keter and Hochma) and the AHP of the Upper One (Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut) together form an whole Partzuf with ten complete Sefirot (Gadlut de Min Ha Aleph).


The Upper One, in turn, has the same kind of connection with the Upper One in relation to him. This way we all unite and operate as one common body. We are all connected as a chain where every link runs through another link and the two share a common part. The only difference between a regular chain and us is that there are no free parts at all inside the chain of our souls – my upper part is always connected to the Upper Degree, and my lower part is connected to the lower degree. There is nothing in me that’s free from being connected with one part or another. I am always completely connected to everyone else; in fact, this is my entire essence,

Our salvation lies in becoming aware of this connection. This is why regardless of my state, regardless of whether I feel good or bad, I must always turn to the people near me for help. They are the people who aspire to the same goal as I do. If I unite with them, I will be able to absorb all the energy that they have. I have everything I need to do this because I am connected to them; I just need to awaken this connection.

If a person finds himself in a state where he does not understand or feels anything, he is indifferent and experiences darkness, and he is in a bad mood, this means that he is not active enough. It all depends on him because everything that he needs has already been prepared for him.

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