Learning To Build Perfection

chess Only by correcting what is not already corrected can we learn to understand the Creator and become similar to Him. In our world a child learns by building a house out of blocks or by assembling a puzzle. Everything builds from broken pieces to the whole. First a child has to pull a toy apart to see what’s inside, then he puts all the pieces back together again to regain its perfect shape; this is how he develops.

In spirituality, we advance the same way. We have to know what our flaws or misdeeds are, where the shattering took place and how to fix it – connecting the disjointed parts more and more each time, and putting more of the broken pieces back together again. Perception and attainment come from the Creator to the creation, from the whole and perfect to the imperfect. The greater the distance between perfection and imperfection, the more connections to one another there will be and the more significant the resulting wisdom will be. Wisdom is born out of their union under the condition that there is disparity of form and separation between them. Therefore, the more broken, separated, confused, deluded, and opposite to perfection I am, the better.

If I am capable of applying all possible efforts, using all the resources available to me, then I should begin to assemble perfection out of imperfection, in order to let “darkness shine as Light,” and bring all parts into harmony and balance within one source. This means that I will come to understand who the Creator is – the One who created this broken creation. The word “creation” (Beria) means “taken beyond His limits.” In the beginning the Creator made evil, a property which is opposite to Him and gave us a chance to know Him only by setting up the right connections and going through the process of correction. This is why we shouldn’t complain about our hardships; they come to us so that by correcting them, we build perfection.

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