Creating A Unified Vessel For The Light

author A question I received: You said that The Zohar can only be studied when you become a part of the vessel of the common soul. How do I become a part of it?

My Answer: A person cannot do anything on his own; it is the Creator’s work. You must only expect for Him to do this, meaning to desire, hope, and influence things in such a way that will make this happen, as much as you are able. You have to put all your energy into this and hope that the Creator’s salvation will come. That is all we can do.

We are standing around Mount Sinai and screaming, as it is written, “The sons of Israel cried out from the work.” The unity of the common desire attracts the Surrounding Light according to the principle of equivalence of form, because the Surrounding Light comes from one source. When we desire to become as one man in order to reveal the common vessel of the soul (the Kli), then it becomes revealed.

We have to prepare for the The Zohar Convention 2010 in February so we will be able to unite our desire and reveal one, common desire. It can only be revealed inside everyone together, inside the whole nation, which includes men and women. This is what we read in the story about the reception of the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai, as well as the exodus from Egypt. It is written that this became possible thanks to the righteous women.

All of our desires have to unite, whether they are coming from the left side or the right, whether they are great or small – they have to become as one. We hope that when we undertake this mutual action, we will reveal a sufficient desire to be influenced by the Surrounding Light.

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