The Whole World Belongs To You

Why Do We See Such a Diverse World It only seems like there are many other people around you who are studying together with you. You see external desires around you only because your vision is flawed. But now imagine that they are all your inner desires, which you aren’t able to control. It’s similar to how you cannot take control over your evil inclination. This is why these desires seem external to you and you have to connect them together.

If you connect these qualities and control them, you will see that everything on the outside actually belongs to you. It is an imprint of what you have inside. Inside of you there are many qualities, desires, and aspirations, but you have no power over them. This is why you see many people outside of you and a whole world made of stars, planets, still, vegetative, and animate objects, people who act in opposition to you, and people whom you want to use for your needs, or even people you want to kill or run away from.

All of this is because you are built this way inside; this is why you see the world this way. If you receive a force from Above that will give you power over all your desires, then you will immediately reveal that the whole world belongs to you, that other people are not separate from you and are not outside of you at all. You will feel your own self inside each of them.

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