The First Stage Of The Spiritual Path

clip_image001A person needs to exert a lot of effort in order to reveal that he is a “sinner.” He has to wholeheartedly wish to rise, to reach selfless bestowal and love, because only then can he reveal that he is completely opposite to this quality.

In the first stage of the spiritual path, the stage of preparation, our work lies in revealing our true nature. This is called revealing the mistakes and the transgressions (Shgagot and Zdonot). From the moment a person adjusts to the group and begins to work correctly, wanting to love the others and unite with them in a mutual guarantee, he immediately reveals that he doesn’t want spirituality, bestowal and love of friends. Instead, he neglects and hates everyone.

It is because one quality is revealed opposite to the other, which is in fact, the revelation of the truth. Until a person reveals all his “mistakes and transgressions,” he will not cross the Machsom.

Crossing the Machsom means that I have revealed all the evil inside me, and now the Light of Correction can unite us and we can become similar to the Creator. Then the Upper Light will clothe within our mutual desire instead of many desires, and this whole system will unite and be one – Echad. The Light is the degree of our unity. It gives us pleasure and an impression called Light, where Light is a sensation in the desire of those who attain unity and love. This is why He is called the Creator, which means “come and see” (Bo-Re). Attaining the quality of bestowal within the desire is called the Light and the Creator.

Therefore, we have to unite in order to enter the spiritual world, but first we need to reveal the hatred between us. We have to feel how we don’t like each other and always justify our own behavior towards others. When we reveal the hatred, we feel like we can’t stand it since we want to love the others along with all of their shortcomings. We want to love them even if they hate us.

It is precisely at that time that we reveal that we are situated in hatred and are unable to do anything about it. By hating another person, I also hate myself. This is our innermost foundation, and we need a great Light in order to reveal it. This hatred is called Mount Sinai (the mountain of hatred), and it is precisely where the giving of the Torah occurs.

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