Each Step Depends On Me

clip_image001A question I received: It is written that the Creator treats us mercifully. What does that mean?

My Answer: If the Creator didn’t treat us mercifully, then we’d never be able to correct ourselves. After all, in our initial state we are incapable of telling good from evil. Therefore, we naturally incline toward evil, since it is the basic quality that we are created from.

If the Upper Governance were to act from the side of evil with the same force as from the side of good, then we would always choose evil and we would be banished from the Upper World like any other sinner. If that were the case, we would never be able to reach the goal.

That is why a correction or addition is made from Above where my natural, inherent qualities aren’t taken into account. Indeed, it was the Creator who created the evil inclination; therefore, the only considered factor is how well I can utilize the means given to me – the group, the teacher, and the Kabbalah books – in order to take even the smallest step toward correction in spite of my nature. This is why it is written that the Creator treats us mercifully.

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