Thoughts Are A Means To Satisfy Our Desires

Can We Control Our Thoughts The Creator created the desire to enjoy, and nothing was created besides this desire. A greater desire for pleasure dominates over a smaller desire. Thought or the mind helps us go from one desire to another, from one state to another, from a particular type of desire to another type.

Desires are the matter of nature. Meanwhile, a thought is the means, the instrument that helps us use the desires, to shift around within the force field of these desires – from a greater force of desire to a smaller one, or the other way around, as though coming closer to a magnet or drawing further away from it. A thought is the force of movement between desires. It enables me to change my placement among different desires, shifting between them. However, no matter what desire I am in, it still dominates me.

Therefore, I need to use the power of thought to help me understand and convince myself that my desire, my state, and the circumstances I am in are bad. There are better circumstances, but to get there I have to change my desire with the help of the thoughts. I have to transfer myself from one wave of the force field of these desires (the intensity of the field) to another wave (intensity), like a charge in a magnetic field.

In the science of Kabbalah, the thought’s analysis of the desire, which I am in, is called a realization of evil. The development of the thought in me occurs under the influence of the environment or under the influence of the Upper Light. In this manner, we can “flow” through the field of desires, shifting between them, from a lower desire to a higher desire. The thought (realization of evil) helps us go from one state or desire to another.

Hence, the mind and the feelings work in us interchangeably. However, we always move according to one scheme: desire – thought – desire.

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  1. So, we use the thought to fight the lower (evil) desires, and shift to higher ones,hopefully?

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