An Intermediary Between The Creator And The Created Being

charges If the lower one cannot receive anything, the Upper One restricts Himself. The Parsa is a very special place where the restriction of the Upper One occurs. It causes a great difference between what is above the Parsa – the World of Atzilut, where the Light can be disseminated, where Bina – bestowal dominates; and what is below the Parsa – the Worlds of Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, where Malchut, the desire to receive, dominates.

One unified structure is thereby separated into two parts that are opposite to each other. The upper one is governed by the Creator and the lower one is governed by the created being. This is the first step towards creating a connection between the created being and the Creator.

Until this occurred, the created being did only what the Light ordered it to do. The Light canceled me out and I was only able to give because it ruled over me. However, now there are two kingdoms in me and they are absolutely opposite to each other. They are the kingdom of Light and my kingdom, where I am the ruler.

The Light left me, and I performed a restriction on my desire. However, then, in this empty place of restriction, new desires come: egoistic desires, Klipa. And then we are separated like two opposite worlds! Above the Parsa, in the World of Atzilut (where “Etzlo” means “He has”) there is complete correction, infinite Light. And below the Parsa, everything is the opposite: a shattering, evil, and every offense imaginable.

Hence, He and I become clearly opposite to each other and begin to hate each other. We become distant, even though we are separated only by a very narrow division, the middle third of Tifferet, Klipat Noga, where my whole freedom of will is concentrated.

On one side, there is the Creator, the Upper Sanctity, and on the other side, below, beneath the Parsa, there is the corrupted created being, the ego, and filth – and I am an intermediary between them, in the middle. My whole existence, my “I,” lies in this narrow strip.

I was given an opportunity to wedge myself into a narrow corridor between these two huge armies: the force of reception and the force of bestowal, in order to become an intermediary between them, bring them to a compromise, and then to connection and love. By uniting them into one, I build myself consisting of both of them.

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  1. This description fits together logically and strikes me as beautifully written. These statements corroborate my own experience, although I would never have been able to present these ideas so lucidly or even at all. My thought on these subjects has not progressed to the point of verbalization, only recognition. As a result, this explanation feels accurate to me personally. Another way to say all this is that it has the ring of truth to me. Thank you.

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