The Prayer Of Many

What Is Mutual Guarantee in a Virtual Group The Zohar: The prayer of the masses ascends before the Creator, and the Creator is beautified by this prayer because it rises with different requests: one asks for mercy, another – for courage, and a third – for pity. In addition, it includes several sides: the right, the left, and the middle.

However, the prayer of one person does not include all the sides and it has only one form: either he asks for mercy, or courage, or pity. Therefore, the prayer of one person is imperfect and it cannot be accepted as a common prayer is, since it does not include all three lines.

In order to come to a common prayer, a prayer for everyone as one whole, and in order to be one whole, one must first go through very difficult states of inner searching. A person has to understand that:

  1. The spiritual goal is more important than all other goals.
  2. It is impossible to achieve this goal alone, but only by creating one common aspiration out of all the individual aspirations. Then the aspiration will be similar to the Creator and the Upper Light will fill it.

Only this kind of request or prayer can be “heard,” meaning that only this kind of prayer is able to elicit the reforming actions of the Upper Light.

Reading The Book of Zohar awakens an inner realization that we need to be together, since without coming out of ourselves, it is impossible to attain bestowal, the Creator’s quality, and to exist in the Upper World.

It is written: “From love for the created beings to love for the Creator.” The Creator gave us an illusion that there are many people around us. We have to break through this illusion and understand that everything exists inside of us, and to ask Him to unify the whole world inside us.

Then the prayer of many will turn into a genuine prayer of one.

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