Seeing Darkness As The Greatest Chance

Get Through the Night, and Welcome the Dawn Those who work in the dark without sensing any taste of the reward should understand that this is very beneficial to their advancement towards bestowal. It is even more so if they don’t wish to be in any other state. Your effort is the reward, provided that you love the One who creates these circumstances for you.

You are given a chance to apply your efforts even while not being able to taste the reward resulting from your work. That way you have nothing with which to revive your egoism, your “evil inclination,” your arrogance, consciousness, intellect, and sensations. Precisely these conditions are the greatest chance to accumulate all your energy and to make that tremendous push, the effort that will advance you toward bestowal.

The reward for your effort is the chance to touch holiness from within the darkness. Then it’s clear that you are not being “bribed” by your desire to enjoy. Therefore, you should be happy for being placed into a state where you feel no pleasure, because that is how you grow.

To do this, however, you need the support of the group and the general inspiration from the world community of Kabbalists. This mutual support really helps.

Particularly during periods when you don’t get help from the Creator or from within yourself (which also comes from the Creator), you start to yearn for the support of your group. And indeed, it provides the best and most reliable support, directing you towards the goal. This is where you will find the point of applying the right efforts, as well as the opportunity for a collective prayer.

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