The One, The Unique, And Indivisible

adviceA question I received: Why is it so difficult to link everything that happens in life with one force – the Creator?

My Answer: It’s impossible to think of the Creator the very minute something happens to us, unless we feel Him through our senses, unless we are connected with this source of Light, and unless we become present in Him and He manifests Himself in us.

We react to any sensation or thought that emerges in us by searching for a thousand sources other than the Creator, since we don’t perceive Him as the single force that fills everything that exists. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about something that happened 5000 years ago or today. Because of our egoistic nature, a human being is never able to stay connected with the idea of one governing force, the Creator.

We exist in a state of duality, since we are created by two opposites – the Light and the vessel (Kli), the darkness and the Light. Our perception consists of two parts: desire and sensation (reaction), and fulfillment or emptiness within the desire. One of those parts, the desire, originates directly from the Creator, and the other part, the pleasure, comes to us indirectly. Suffering does not come directly from the Creator, and thus we cannot link it with Him.

Therefore, until we reveal the Creator, through both our mind and senses, the statement that He is “the One, Unique, Indivisible” is false for us. A person cannot affirm that there is only one force that rules the universe since according to human nature, it is not true. Only when a person reveals the Creator can he say that the Creator is “the One, Unique, Indivisible,” since he can then feel it from within.

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