The Desire Is A Means For Us To Attain The Creator

disappering The desire created by the Creator is divided into a multitude of parts or desires; it then undergoes a series of changes until it stabilizes in a state where the desire called the “self” is revealed. This desire feels like an inner desire existing in an outer desire, in a world of alien desires, in images of people, animals, birds, fish, vegetation and rocks. However, these are all parts of the same desire that descended from Malchut of Infinity to a state where it begins to discern and feel that it stems from the inner point called Adam HaRishon after the breaking.

This is the “I” within every one of us – the lowest degree of the desire’s development. On this degree, the desire begins to gather all the fragmented desires that appear alien, thus returning to a state of wholeness and perfection. By uniting the desires together as one, we study our “self,” the way it was created, and our Creator. As a result, this “self” becomes similar and equal to Him.

However, I am not the desire. I am the point outside the created desire. Like myself, the Creator too exists outside the desire He created. He created this “I” and He created the desire opposite Him so that by studying this desire opposite Him, “I” would attain Him.

The desire between us is like food between a guest and a host: it allows them to grow closer, until reaching absolute love and unity. In other words, the desire created by the Creator is the means of my unification with Him.


The Creator exists outside this desire, as do “I.” The Creator has one point of contact with the desire, as do I. It follows that the two of us are equal! Between us is the desire He created as well as the Light that fills it. I am the sensation or consequence of the breaking, a spark existing outside the desire, which is given to me so that I could attain the Creator.

Within the desire, He constructed worlds, Partzufim and Sefirot – and my job is to reinstate its former wholeness and perfection, to bring back the One, Unique and Indivisible. Then I will be completely equal to Him and I will know Him according to His actions.

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