Spiritual Work With The Group Will Help You Out Of A Descent

Laitman_2009-11_8759Three questions I received regarding moving through a descent and acquiring the desires of others:

Question: I know you say we must leave a descent as soon as possible. It is true and I agree. But when you are in a descent, people around you notice your lack of energy, for example, in the workplace where you have to be alert and taking calls and you are under management. Are there any tricks for concealing your emotional inner state from people to avoid them influencing you negatively?

My Answer: 1. You should learn how to get out of your descent through spiritual work in a circle of friends and by participating in group activities.

2. People around you see that you are tired, sick, and annoyed when you are in a descent, but they do not understand that this comes from your spiritual states. Don’t worry, in relation to you they are like an animal that only understands your external appearance.

Question: In the preparation to one of your lessons, you mentioned the difference between rapid spiritual advancement and actual inversion of the desires. My question is: How is there advancement without inversion?

My Answer: There is no advancement without inversion, and we have already discussed how to approach it.

Question: You mentioned the following: “However, if you want to bestow to others, you must first acquire all of their desires. You must make everyone’s desires become your desires. You will then transmit Upper Light to these desires, connecting them to the Creator. By doing so, you will be unique, like the Creator.”

How does one accomplish this? How does one acquire all of the desires of others? Above all, how does one transmit Upper Light to these desires?

My Answer: All correction happens only when there is a desire to attract and receive the Upper Light and then see its effect within yourself. We do not feel the Light itself, we only see its effect.

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