Spiritual Reward Always Comes With A Bonus

Don't Look for Love In This World In spirituality, when I complete my work on a certain degree, I receive more than I earned. Let’s say I corrected my desires on the still level; is this really enough to make the qualitative leap to the vegetative level? This is where you find something extra, a kind of a “bonus” that is necessary for you to have the strength to advance.

We do the same in our everyday lives by “filling” a child ahead of time with different knowledge and abilities, which he will need at a later time. Likewise, we begin our spiritual development at the lowest, worst degree, and this is why I am entitled to additional strength, since I could never manage without it.

It seems like I receive it for “free,” and later I return my “debt” as I correct myself. The Creator created the evil inclination, and we ask Him for help with our correction. However, wasn’t it Him who put us in this situation? So why then do we have to ask Him for this?

The thing is that by asking for help, we organize ourselves and begin to understand the kind of correction that we need, what an intention for the sake of bestowal is, and what we need in order to come to the next stage. Thus, we are compelled to turn to the Creator and thus establish a connection with Him.

“I am listening,” He says. “I need to correct this,” you say, “But I can’t do it on my own.” Thus, you become a “supervisor” of your own construction, and through this you begin to understand the Creator’s actions, mind, program, and His quality according to the principle: “I shall know You through Your actions.”

It turns out that your appeal to the Creator forms the future you – and He will do all the rest.

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