Open The Path For The Upper Light To Fulfill You

hope The source of Upper Light created a point of desire “from nothing” and then began to influence it through pressure, until the point reached a state called the World of Infinity. In this state the point is no longer a point, but a sphere filled with the Light that created it. It then performs a restriction (Tzimtzum Alef) on the desire, expelling the Light from itself. That is how we exist – under this restriction.

The condition of the first restriction is very simple: there is Light, pleasure, perfection, and eternity on top, and on the bottom there is desire, darkness, and emptiness. They are separated by a border called “the First Restriction (Tzimtzum Alef),” which is a condition that can never be cancelled. It states that this gap will remain between them as long as the desire (Kli) is not similar to the Light. Stated differently, as long as your vessel of perception is dissimilar to the Light, you will not feel anything besides what you feel now.

In this state, we are unaware of the spiritual world and perceive only “this world.” This state, in which we currently exist, is the smallest possible degree of life. It lies beneath any realization, in darkness, as though we are in an imagined reality and the deepest possible sleep.

I once saw a sci-fi movie where people were placed into capsules filled with a special liquid so they could be sent into outer space at a distance of a thousands of light years. They slept in their capsules until they landed on another planet and began to awaken there. We exist in a similar state – in a state of sleep, torn away from the genuine reality. The condition under which we can awaken is the intention “for the sake of bestowal.” For this to happen, our initial desire to be fulfilled or to receive pleasure does not change; the only thing that changes is “why do we enjoy – for what purpose?” If we wish to receive the Light (fulfillment) for our own sake, with the egoistic intention of “for myself,” then we are going against the condition of Tzimtzum Alef. This is called reception “from above downward.”

If we wish to receive the Light with the intention of giving pleasure to the One who gives it to us, this is called reception “from below upward.” Only then does the Light, the revelation of the Upper World, fill us completely. We receive in both cases, since the only thing present in us is the desire to receive; what changes is the intention, the condition for our reception.

We don’t understand how it’s possible to receive the Upper Light from below upward, or what it means to return the pleasure to the Giver. However, this condition opens the path to the Light. If we execute this condition, the entire World of Infinity will be ours.

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  1. I regard you in light and love of our infinite creator…i did read som of your text in kabbalah and i did read the quantum physiks it is a similarity there…i wonder maybe because of the big censure of the big goverments and existing of the secret sociates running the show for us and hiding the truth from us so they can use us is the biggest problem for hummanity to understand ho we are where we are from and what is the purpose of our life…we surely know that matter is an illusion but it exist as energy abstrakt energy which we can not measure or see…we must assume that this energy is intelligent and it is the matrix of all matter…maybe this is the only metod for this energy to express itself…i did understand a lot but one thing i have difficalty to understand is is this infinite ocean of energy controlled of someone or maybe intelligence is everywere and it does not nid a central control but it just explores itself…

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