Greatness Begins With Small Things

How Do You Get Rid of Anti-Semitism In spirituality, an action is valued by its strength and the help rendered. For example, a mother takes care of her child, trying with all her strength to fulfill the child’s desires. The same happens in a group: I am trying very hard to unite with my friends in order to fulfill their desire.

By doing so, I will feel that the friends also lower themselves before me. They have a great spiritual goal, and they are willing to step on themselves for the sake of it and to help me as much as they can. The goal compels them to do so the same way as love compels the parents.

From this we can understand how we can begin attaining the Creator. Initially, we do not reveal Him as great, but as small. This is because He intentionally lowers Himself to help us attain the spiritual advancement. A child also sees in his mother as “a maid,” since she puts herself at his complete disposal.

This is also how we reveal the Creator. But then we gradually begin to understand that the Creator intentionally expresses Himself modestly to us and lowers His greatness to teach us how to bestow.

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