A Thin Bridge Into The Spiritual World

A Day for Each Year The Book of Zohar was written by a group of great Kabbalists the likes of which has never existed in all of history. They created a bridge of language, information, forces, sensations, and Light, connecting our sensations and our understanding of the revealed world, with the sensation and understanding of the concealed world.

When we study The Book of Zohar that they wrote and try to enter the state they want to convey to us, then we are like a baby that greedily opens his eyes and mouth in order to absorb what his mother is telling him. He doesn’t understand anything, but simply looks at her and expresses his joy through movement.

We have to make similar efforts to understand our teachers. To do this, we have to connect with each other the way the ten authors of The Book of Zohar are connected. Even if we read it without any explanations, we will gradually begin to feel new inner reactions and movements. From within us, from an unconscious and subconscious level, a new realm or world will begin to come though and become more habitual.

We call our lessons “a study of The Book of Zohar,” but in reality this book is not studied but revealed, and the revelation happens through our aspiration and readiness to feel the concealed world. The readiness must be expressed through the unity among us, similar to the unity among the authors of this book. It is a unity of all the point in the hearts – the aspirations toward similarity with the Creator. This is how Kabbalists describe the necessary condition for using The Book of Zohar correctly.

In the process of reading the text of this book, I provide small clarifications in order to help you “grab onto” the text, similar to the explanations of an adult while playing a game with a child.

Whenever Kabbalists write about The Book of Zohar, they do not refer to it as The Book of Zohar, but simply as The Book. This expresses their desire to show that there is no other book in the whole world!

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