The Special Influence Of The Book Of Zohar

hebAll of our perception is based on a comparison of what we perceive now with what we perceived in the past. When we are born, our parents and relatives give us various models of perception and according to these models, we are later able to recognize the world and everything existing in it.

These models stay in our memory and enable us to tell what different pictures of reality are similar to and what they may be. In this way, whenever we encounter something new, we compare it to everything that is already stored in our memory.

So how then can we perceive spirituality if we don’t have the inner models for it? Spirituality is in front of us even now, but we don’t feel or perceive it because we have nothing to compare it to. Perhaps it is going through us and passing through all our senses, but we don’t recognize it because our memory does not hold the appropriate models or images. We have nothing to compare it to and therefore we cannot identify it.

When we read The Book of Zohar, it starts to influence us; its text shows us inner spiritual images or models. We don’t see the spiritual world yet, but we begin to understand what different spiritual qualities are like, what is above and what is below, what is inside and outside, what is weaker or stronger, what is red and what is white, and what is a quality such as Hesed.

The Book of Zohar starts lifting us up with these models, similar to how we lift up children. This enables us to understand the spiritual picture and divide it into familiar elements.

We then see something very interesting: we were seeing this picture before as well, but we did not recognize anything in it. And that is simply amazing! Spirituality was right here, but we could not perceive it because we did not have the inner models for it.

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