The Language Of Kabbalah Is Bestowal

chance A question I received: Are there rules for how to study Kabbalah that a student has to follow in order to learn the language of Kabbalah?

My Answer: The language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal. All four languages of Kabbalah (the languages of the Tanach, Halacha, Hagaddah, and Kabbalah) explain how to bestow. This is what you should be learning when reading all the books and explanations. You should always remember that everything you are reading and hearing is teaching you about bestowal.

Language is a program that you place inside you and set in motion. This program makes you think and want differently, and gives you a new attitude to the world. So, the language of Kabbalah is the language of bestowal.

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  1. Bestowal, and the Creator. We ask for the Creator for things in our life, and it happens,maybe not overnight but it comes true. Thanks to the Creator’s bestowal My wife and I have been able to help people with money problems. I have prostate cancer, so only my wife is the only one with a job, but I receive a VA check at least until May. I looked after my mother in law, but due to health problems my mother in-law has to move to a place for better care than I can give. Again the Creator has blessed us with the means to place her in a good assisted living center close by. SO the Creator is happy to make us happy, and then We are happy to help people that truly need help? Life is but a circle of learning.

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