The Evil Inclination Is Not What You Think It Is

connect Until I discover the evil within me, there is nothing for me to correct. However, the real evil inclination has nothing to do with the notorious vices – the desires to steal, lie, kill, and whatever else you can think of. None of them pertain to the evil inclination.

There was a time when we were one soul, united “Cogwheels,” but we then became broken and separated. This separation, the hatred for others is the real evil. The evil inclination is my lack of desire to unite with others in one heart and my unwillingness to love my friend as myself. This is the evil that must be discovered and corrected. It’s not easy to correct the evil!

The Light that returns to the Source must work me over good before I can begin to feel within me, the evil inclination that Kabbalah speaks of. However, once I do feel it to its fullest extent, I will immediately demand correction.

At first I expose and correct the “rupture” between myself and the group, and to the degree that I acquire the quality of bestowal, I overcome the rupture with the Creator. By aspiring to love my friends (their aspiration toward the Creator, their points in the heart) in spite of the evil within me, I reveal just how deeply I am immersed in self-love.

When the problem is brought to light, solving it isn’t difficult – I ask for the Light, and it corrects me.

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