Superimposing The Circle Of Infinity Upon The Square Of The Physical World

Laitman_2009-05-27_8144_w The spiritual world is built as an analogous or analog structure, not a discreet or digital one. We imagine it as discreet because our brain is incapable of understanding an analogous structure. We will never, with our minds, be able to understand how an analogous system works.

Even when we study the human body, a system in which everything is interconnected, we still perceive the organism as a discreet system where every part works on its own, be it the heart, the kidneys, or other organs. If we interpret the body as a discreet system, we make measurements which can only be made when something is separated from the whole. Only eastern medicine exercises a partial and purely superficial approach to understanding our body as an analogous whole.

There is a contradiction between the unlimited property of the Light to “bestow” and the limited “screen” that is being corrected by our egoistic desires to match the properties of the Light. There is opposition between the round world of infinite bestowal and the square world of creation (our physical world).

We assess the properties of Light through the Kli, just as we assess the integral between the connection and the sum of all its discreet parts. In spirituality, each new state constitutes a new world and subsequently a new correlation between its elements.

In the system of souls, everybody is connected and any change I make also changes the state of the whole system, and vice-versa. It is impossible to feel this spiritual reality with our discreet intellect; we are automatically limited by our inability to measure beyond discreet parts.

Those who start sensing the higher world are given a new set of tools (instruments) to live in this new system. They start to understand and feel everybody’s bestowal as part of a single whole and are able to superimpose the circle on the square – the analogous and discreet systems. Only by having both forces – reception and bestowal, can we can join these two systems together.

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