Overcome Your Fears By Connecting Everything To The Creator

Laitman_2009-11_8759Two questions I received on fear and how to overcome it:

Question: I am searching for a way to overcome fears and concerns. I found your response to overcoming fears only recently via surfing the web.

Here is your post from August 6, 2008 that responds to overcoming the fear that I am referring to. In this post you stated: “You should connect everything that is happening with the Creator, with yourself, and with the entire world, so that all of these will unite into one and there won’t be any difference between them. All of your doubts and fears should vanish within this union. And if they don’t – then it’s even better! Then you can ask the Creator to help you.”

Can you please provide details on how to make the connections (with the Creator, with yourself and with the entire world) you have mentioned in your response with respect to a fear? I would really appreciate learning how to do what you have outlined.

My Answer: You should imagine how everything was before the breaking of the common soul, and aspire to this state.

Question: As much as I want to love my neighbor, I keep finding myself under the influence of negative intentions. Is this kind of thing known in Kabbalah?

My Answer: This is happening because it seems to you that by moving away from your egoism, you are losing yourself, instead of acquiring an eternal, vigorous, and happy spiritual body. Think about it and you will start feeling joyous!

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