Everything In Man Is Indispensible

Laitman_2009-10_usa_0315_wTwo questions I received about other methods of attaining spirituality:

Question: If Amit Goswami is “a practitioner of spirituality and transformation,” does that mean that there is also “spirituality and transformation” in other methods besides Kabbalah?

My Answer: Everyone says this about their methods. Whether a method is built upon utilizing egoism rather than suppressing it, this is both the question and the answer, and also the method’s practical value. This is because one cannot eradicate egoism since doing so leads to troubles. One should use his egoism properly by rising above it and using it as material for creating the soul.

Question: What is the difference between Kabbalah and yoga? Both seem to have the same goal – union with Divinity.

My Answer: All practices and religions were created by man and are therefore artificial. They all use methods that are based on suppressing egoism, while Kabbalah was discovered as a science by revealing Nature. This science says that everything in man is indispensable and therefore, everything must be developed. Kabbalah teaches us how to utilize everything properly.

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