Bestowing By Example

What Does the New Year Hold In Store for UsA question I received: How does the lower one annul himself before the Upper?

My Answer: Initially, the next spiritual degree seems like darkness, when in fact it is a higher level of bestowal. Since I am incapable of relating to that level, it therefore causes a feeling of darkness, emptiness and depression within me.

I am able to annul my egoism (myself) only with the help of this higher degree. In order to do this, I must turn to the group and receive from it the greatness of the goal, of connecting with the Upper Level, through the quality of bestowal. Then I am ready to plead to the Upper Level, asking It to give me the greatness of the goal, for the goal’s importance to become higher than reception. In this way, I become ready to agree with the Upper Level and to annul myself before It.

In response to my plea, the Upper Level opens up to me and shows me the greatness of bestowal to such a degree that I am ready to bestow. I then become equal to It and rise to that level.I merge with the Upper Level, acquiring the new understanding from It. Then I move to the second stage and begin acting independently.

This is similar to a generally accepted method of education where a senior student gives me an example, takes my hand in his, and draws a picture. After that, I can draw the picture myself.

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