A Complete Break From The Past Gives Us A New Start

Is Pride a Form of Egoism A question I received: Right now I exist on the negative side of the scale, completely opposite to bestowal. Does that mean that in order to cross to the other side of the scale, I must first pass through the zero point?

My Answer: That is correct. At some point along the path, we have to make a “restriction on our desires” (Tzimtzum Aleph), temporarily stopping the use of the desire to enjoy. Later we will turn it in the opposite direction by attaching a vector of bestowal to it.

For example, say I’ve gained some weight and now I realize that it’s time to get back in shape. So I fast for one whole day and after that I am able to restrict myself to a different eating pattern. Moderating myself is difficult, but if I break off with the past completely, it becomes possible to come back to it in a new way.

The same is true for spiritual progress: In order to ascend to a new degree, I must completely disconnect from my present one. Restriction must always come first, followed by a reassessment. That is how you will be successful. A complete break eliminates the need to suppress yourself; instead you can begins a new life.

This is the process whereby a new state is born between the spiritual degrees, and we must learn from this example.

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