When Freefalling, Make Sure You Have A Parachute That Says “Kabbalah”

The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting SpaceNews Report by economics expertReinhard Göweil (translated from the Austrian newspaper KURIER): In the USA, the holiday season sales decreased by 8%. The Japanese industry declined by 16% this year. Economists call this situation, “freefall.” In many European countries, economic leaders tried to hush up the situation at first. But now it’s time to put the cards on the table: the world is entering a financial crisis that will bring so much destruction of property and jobs that anything comparable has only been known to happen after a war.

The capitalism of Reagan and Thatcher that was set free in the 80’s has brought its own demise. We now need a complete transformation of our economic and social behavior. The economy must start providing people with the necessities and stop being an end in itself.

My Comment: Whether it will happen through this crisis or the following ones (it’s up to us how many crises will be necessary), we will be cleansed. In some countries, hundreds of types and brands of goods and products will vanish from the counters, because some people aren’t content with just making money – they have to line their pockets as well. Meanwhile, necessary products will appear in other countries. In a unified, global world, everything must be arranged differently: everything in the world, all the things existing in nature and on the earth (all the natural resources), is common property and belongs to everyone. Everything that is produced must be distributed among everyone by one global authority, according to each person’s needs, like in one family.

Until we establish this system of interactions, we will continue to oppose the closed system of Nature in which we exist. For the time being we are like cancerous cells in a body. Therefore, our freefall is not an ordinary freefall, like jumping off a plane with a parachute. However, if we open up the safety canopy of Kabbalah above us, we will be saved! (In the image above, the word “Kabbalah” is written on the parachute.)

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