The Topic Of The Herzliya Conference Should Be: How Can Israel Restore “Love for One’s Neighbor”?

wordsIn the News: The Institute of Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya will be hosting the 9th annual Herzliya Conference, on “The Balance of Israel’s National Strength and Security” on February 2-4, 2009. The program includes:

    – Coping with Hamas
    – Dealing with Asymmetric Islamic Terrorism
    – Iran on the Nuclear Threshold
    – Israel’s Legitimacy under Attack
    – Weathering the Storm: Israel and the World Economic Crisis
    – Why Do Israeli Students Fail? Can the Digital Revolution Change the Educational Reality?
    – National Sustainability and Israel’s Green Safety Net
    – From R&D to Commercial and Economic Application as Part of National Policy
    – Reconnecting Israel with its Expatriates

My Comment: For the time being, not one of the problems is nearing a solution, and the problems are only becoming worse. The Israeli people’s lack of understanding of their role in the world is bringing about further deterioration of the state and its people.

The nation of Israel can only exist by the principle of, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It was created under this condition by Abraham, 4,500 years ago, and was comprised of his students. But as soon as they fell from that level into “unfounded hatred,” they ceased being a nation and were exiled from their territory.

They returned here in the 20th century, but – as explained in Kabbalah – they can stay here only under the condition that they will restore themselves through the rule, “Love your neighbor.” This is how we will become a nation once again. However, if we won’t carry out this condition, then we will once again be expelled from the land of Israel, since we will not be suitable for it.

This should be the topic of the Herzliya Conference. By the way, at the same time, on February 2-4, we will also be hosting our Congress, where we will actually unite into a single mini-humanity. This will create enormous changes in the world, because qualitatively speaking, this will be the most powerful and influential unity in the world.

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