The Spread Of The Crisis Is Like An Epidemic

Reaching Personal Gmar Tikkun Depends Only on One's EffortsIn the News (from finance.blogspot): Reginald Smith of the Mathematics Institute of the Bouchet-Franklin in Rochester has mapped the spread of the financial crisis, showing that “The losses in certain markets follow a cascade or epidemic flow like model.”

My Comment: It could not be otherwise, because all phenomena, including our own actions, are part of Nature. And we are a part of it, even through we try to detach from it. Therefore, all phenomena are similar, but they occur at different egoistic levels, whether the still, vegetative, animate or human. This is further evidence that Nature is one and integral, and everything in it is interconnected and similar. Furthermore, it shows that there is just one reason for all the evil in the world: our breach of balance with Nature, which is a breach of the cooperation between all of Nature’s parts.

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