The Gaza Conflict Is One More Step Toward Revealing Man’s Evil Nature

uniteA question I received: What do you think about the situation that is now unfolding in Gaza, from the standpoint of Kabbalah? What solution would you propose to the Israeli and Palestinian governments? Is it possible to justify the actions of these two governments seeing that the victims are innocent people, the elderly and children?

My Answer: On the level of this world, I suffer for both nations. However, there is a Biblical law that says: “If someone raises a sword against you, let him die by the sword,” and, “If someone comes to kill you, forestall him and kill him first.” After many years of watching the civilian population of Israel being bombed, I don’t think there’s any alternative but to destroy the enemy – Hamas (but not the civilian Arabic population of Gaza). Hamas aspires to kill as many civilians as possible, and the fact that they are using their own people as a shield is no reason to sit and wait for them to destroy us. Let the population of Gaza rise up and deal with their own government, whose actions are forcing them into this catastrophe.

By the way, Israel regularly sends humanitarian aid to Gaza. The wounded civilians of Gaza are admitted to Israeli hospitals and treated free of charge. However, as for whether the humanitarian aid (hundreds of trucks a week) actually gets to the people – that is the UN’s job to monitor. These international organizations shouldn’t blame anyone but themselves for their indifference toward the hungry residents of Gaza!

And after all, wasn’t it the people living in Gaza who voted for Hamas to be their leader at the free elections? So indirectly, aren’t they also responsible for what is happening and are accomplices to some degree? “The people suffering are the civilians and the innocent children”  – but they are suffering because of their own choice to have Hamas be their government! This is their fault, and today they are reaping the fruits. And by the way, most Arabic countries hate and fear Hamas: just look at their reactions to what is happening.

But this was just a commentary on the level of our world.

The situation according to Kabbalah: Kabbalah sees everything taking place in the world as the revelation of man’s evil nature, the recognition of this evil, the search for its correction, then its correction and the attainment of the goal of creation. All the conflicts throughout the entire human history gather together into one sensation of evil, and they must bring us to the feeling of, “That’s enough!” And this will take place in our time. The prophets wrote that the final clashes taking place in the world will be against Arab fundamentalism. For example:

The Book of Zohar (Vaira, 32): “In the future, the sons of Ishmael will ignite cruel wars in the world…”

The Book of Zohar (Devarim, 32): “The sons of Ishmael will take over the Holy Land, when it is empty for many years… They will create obstructions for the sons of Israel, who will be returning to their land…”

But the huge Arabic world also includes voices such as this one:


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  1. Re:  so indirectly, aren’t they the ones responsible for what is happening and are accomplices to some degree?

    What of those in Gaza who oppose Hamas?  Are they responsible?  Are they accomplices?  I live in the US and am absolutely opposed to the empire building/maintenance characteristic of Washington District of Criminals for the past several decades, maybe even centuries.  Am I responsible for what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan and numerous other places?  Am I an accomplice to some degree?  Because I was born here?
    I am going on my third year of studying your materials.  I promote your sites on my sites.  Your blog is my homepage.  Indeed, I consider myself indebted to you – so much so that I hesitate to even type this.  But having been on the “short end” so much of my life, I am compelled to speak out for those I hear crying.
    But I also realize (to some extent – but not enough – yet) that “there is none else beside Him”.  So all the above is just a commentary on the level of our world.  I have to get back to studying your materials.  Thank you.

  2. I always say that it does not matter about end of days because we are here to try and change the ending. I also get lost in wondering how can we change the hearts of people and years of conflict, how can we change the hate? This is how

  3. Dear Rav Laitman,
    I’m a student at Bnei Baruch Kabballah virtual classroom, and I would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful heritage with more than 16 000 students around the world.
    Today I was quite surprise to read your comment about what is happening in Gaza for the following reasons:
    –       This link to your blog was sent to me through Bnei Baruch which, as far as I know, is not a political or a religious site. But despite that you give your personal point of view before giving the one of Kabbalah on your comment as asked in the question on your blog.
    –       Moreover, the instructors always tell the us on the student forum that Kabbalah use the language of the Branches and does not refer to this world, but the text you refer in the book of Zohar seems, according to you, to refer to our world, which is a paradox:
     The Book of Zohar (Vaira, 32): “In the future, the sons of Ishmael will ignite cruel wars in the world…”
    The Book of Zohar (Devarim, 32): “The sons of Ishmael will take over the Holy Land, when it is empty for many years… They will create obstructions for the sons of Israel, who will be returning to their land…”
           I was looking for “real Kabbalah” studies and thought that it was the case at Bnei Baruch according to the excellent videos of Tony Kosinec that I saw first, but after receiving this comment on i’m quite troubled and wander what credibility I can give to the teachings.
           I’d like to precise that my goal is not to offend you at all, but to make things perfectly clear about what I learn at Bnei Baruch. Moreover my belief in God is totally out of any religious belief; for me there is the Creator and his Creatures, with maybe different paths but all equal and able to give the worse and the best…

           Shalom to you and to all the readers, hoping that 2009 will be a step of comprehension between the nations of the world.    

  4. Thank you so much for your courage and clarity in discussing Kabbalah as it relates to this issue. There is so much pain in this subject on a world level and so much more to understand. To Mr. Elliot, yes, I believe we are responsible for our government also, no matter how we voted or didn’t vote. 

  5. Unfortunately what we see on a bioloical level is the fear of the Palestinian people essentially forced to elect thier ultimate oppressors … sealing thier fate. Fate via violence, education .. suppression of the heart and mind.

    These same people need to understand only thier voices and actions can change thier own fate forever. Once this dust settles the violence will start again as violence breeds more violence.

    … but really… isnt this all part of a giant jigsaw puzzle called correction. The greed of the money markets and consumers, poverty, war … arent all these physical “results” here to enlighten us to our ways, in order to choose a better (the right) path.

    I am not hear to change the end game but to observe and learn hoping that I change and as a result those around me do also. The end game can only be to become as one.

  6. I am interested in the Biblical law you quoted, “He who raises a sword against you, let him die by the sword,” and “He who rises to kill you, kill him first.”  Where are these laws recorded? 

  7. I understand and regret the fustration, pain and suffering on both sides, but I cannot to this day understand how so many people can watch the events of history unfold and yet interpret them in such a way.  Israel has repeatedly endured bombings both direct and by suicide bombers for many years – yet were was the outcry for the innocent, the children, the women killed.  We (the United States) sustained one such attack at Pearl Harbor – we immediately went to war.  Then came Sept 11 attack and we once again immediately went to war.  Should not Israel have the same right? Did not Israel suffer enough in history to satisfy the critics? Israel has time and time again tried for peace by giving up their most Holy of place, the Temple Mount, and repeatedly given up land for peace which was repaid with violence.  Israel repeatedly signed peace treaties which were once again ignored – causing the more suffering.  Could you see the US giving another country California or New York just to keep peace? It is easy to sit back in the safety of our country and judge others.  War is never good and always leads to suffering on both sides, but until we can learn from our mistakes,  let go of our ego and once again become brothers we are destine to repeat time and time again our suffering.  Iam not Jewish, but I am a realist.   Although Kabbalah is not concerned with this world,  my belief is that to understand the world above we must understand that below.  If Kabbalah is to open our minds and improve our understanding I find it difficult to understand the how we continue to be so blind.  By myself I am nothing but what He has made me/ given me.  I do know that togeather however, as one, we can make a difference. I will continue to pray for the peace in Israel and surrounding area and for understanding.

  8. you know, ariel, i kinda agree with you. a few decades ago, before the year 1948 when nazis were dominating europe, all of these countries that are now raising their voices for “the suffering of the innocent victims” of this war, quietly handed over the jews living among them (women, children and elders alike) to be transported to death camps, where millions were murdered in unbelievable cruelty! this makes our concern with “the suffering of the innocent victims” now so hypocritical…

    loretta, try the book of ester.

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