The Crisis Will Make Everyone Kind

angryNews Report (from Russia Today): The main theme of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s speech to the Association of European Business in Moscow was that Russia is ready for dialogue with the West in virtually every sphere. Lavrov suggested that Russia, the EU and the United States build a “common economic space” based on an equal partnership. … Russia, the EU and the U.S. could do a lot of good together if they focused on combating common threats, the minister said. … Lavrov urged Western nations to forget geopolitical games for a while, as the global economic crisis requires a collective response from all the leading economies.

My Comment: The fact that Lavrov urged nations “to forget geopolitical games” in order to overcome the crisis really goes to show how quickly anger has been replaced with kindness! Of course, this is politics, but everyone must adopt this kind of reasonable attitude to life.

We must forget about the past forever; it can never be brought back. The crisis will not pass and everything will not “go back to normal.” Nature will force not only Mr. Lavrov, but each and every one of us, to urge others to cooperate and work together. However, this shouldn’t just be displayed in the external side of politics, but also felt in our inner freedom and liberalization. We must adopt a policy of collaboration instead of suppression, and thereby become similar to Nature.

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