Smoking Does Not Interfere With Kabbalah

smokeQuestions I received on smoking, evil, hell, and great desires:

Question: Does smoking interfere with spiritual development and the study of Kabbalah?

My Answer: No.

Question: Is the existence of Kabbalah related to the existence of evil?

My Answer: Kabbalah was given to us in order to transform evil to goodness.

Question: How can you explain it when a person desires to absorb everything that exists and constantly strives to feel the Creator?

My Answer: He is aspiring to the goal of creation!

Question: Is there a belief in Kabbalah that one who blasphemes God can go to hell after death?

My Answer: Hell is shame that “burns you up.” Everyone has to go through it in order to reach Heaven – the feeling of similarity to the Creator.

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  1. Dear Dr. Laitman,

    I appreciate so much the thought provoking information you provide on your blog and in interviews I’ve watched of you on JLTV. However, just as I thought I grasped some of the Kabbalistic concepts as discussed by you, I was quite shocked to hear your response regarding smoking.

    I do not understand how smoking does not interfere with spiritual development as described by you with respect specifically to the correction of the receiving ego. Smoking is the perfect example of an activity that embodies selfishness. The smoker is content to receive pleasure while callously destroying his/her health (slap in the face to G-d) with total disregard for the irrefutable fact that second-hand smoke negatively impacts air quality and therefore the health of others who happen to be in close proximity. Smokers apparently cannot be content unless we all are forced to partake in their filthy, selfish and self-destructive behavior. Smokers also universally have the disgusting habit of tossing their cigarette butts to the ground and thus also contribute to land pollution. Smoker related products (the cigarette butts) are one of the largest hazards to our oceans.and marine life . Furthermore, the smoker supports an entire industry that serves no beneficial purpose whatsoever and is motivated solely by profit.

    You mention that many Kabbalists smoke — if this is true, then this is hypocritical. No way is smoking “in harmony with nature” or in any way congruent with what you describe as a corrected ego — one concerned with giving rather than receiving.

    I understand you must be terribly busy and may not be able to respond, but I do hope that you will give further explanation regarding your opinion on smoking.


  2. good question Adrienne

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