People Now Realize That The American Economy Was Ruined By Greed

Why Do We See Such a Diverse World?News Report (from BBC News): …many executives couldn’t resist the excruciatingly seductive call of easy money… And so, in America, with the temptation of the many renderings of mortgage-related profits before them, and with no discernible punishment in sight (indeed, with only praise from boards, analysts, and shareholders) it was a simple matter to take what was there and ignore the longer term consequences… As a nation, we seem to have forgotten that the most important goals take time to accomplish, and that lacking this perspective we succumb to what amounts to bribery and pandering…

Let’s hope the new administration can alter our frame of reference and lead us in a more distant direction… Showcasing the lost virtues of patience and persistence couldn’t hurt our national ethic.”

My Comment: This shows that people are already making the correct conclusions about the reason for the crisis. However, for now the conclusions are still made on the corporeal level, without understanding the true reason for the crisis: to force man to rise above egoism and attain the goal set by Nature – similarity to Nature/the Creator (the quality of bestowal and love). In addition, people are still far from understanding the needed changes in upbringing, the society, industry, the economy and finances. Nevertheless, this shows how quickly suffering “straightens people out.”

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