Who Will Be Most Affected by the Economic Crisis?

Our "I" Is Outisde of Us!Questions I received on the economic crisis:

Question: Many of your students live in Russia. What do you think of how the economic crisis is progressing there?

My Answer: Russia will experience the economic crisis harder than Europe, America, or China. Russia will also experience its own crisis of self-love, ambition, separatism, and power. It will recognize that it is a part of the rest of the world, and that it needs to stop being hostile and aggressive. It will realize that it can’t survive any other way. Blaming America for the economic crisis will not solve the problem.

However, Russia can truly have its own “special path” if the people of Russia, with their inherent sensitivity and willingness to sacrifice material things for the sake of spirituality, will recognize the cause of suffering and the opportunity to rise above it. Then the Russian nation will really become special in the world.

By demonstrating to the entire world new social relations – the future of the world, not by order from “above” (from the authorities) but truly by order from above (from the Creator or Nature), by observing the law of love and bestowal, Russia will quickly become the leader in every regard. The choice is in its hands.

Question: Who will suffer most from the economic crisis?

My Answer: America will suffer least – not in terms of numbers, but percentage wise. Then Europe, and finally – Russia and China will suffer the most. There aren’t many consumers of Chinese products and Russian oil and gas.

Question: What will happen if Russia will close itself off from the rest of the world? After all, it has everything in order to be self-sufficient.

My Answer: The fact is that the current crisis is global, and no one can hide from it because everyone is fully integrated in the international economics. This is why political decisions cannot go against the economic decisions, and since there is only one economy, this also forces politics to become one! This has never happened before in the world. There were crises of a purely economic nature, or purely political, or social crises, but the present crisis is universal! This means that no one can separate from the rest of the world.

Question: Does the economic crisis affect only the finances in a direct manner?

My Answer: No, it also affects politics directly. I think that America is leaving the position of a “police officer” in the world. Now everyone will have to engage in this: Iran and Pakistan will advance toward the Caspian Sea, while China – toward Siberia. Islam will simply fill Russia – which is weakly Christian and halfway Islamic. To counterbalance this, Fascism may arise on the wave of patriotism.

Question: What is your organization doing during the period of economic crisis?

My Answer: We want to send our message out to the world – the method of correcting the economic crisis. We must therefore unite with the suffering of the world and share it. Only then will we will be able to correctly speak to the world and it will hear us.

What does it mean to suffer the suffering of others? Even though you personally don’t experience it, you are united with others, fully sharing their misfortune and helping them. This must happen according to the rule, “He who empathizes with the suffering of the masses merits mercy with them.”

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