War Is No Solution

War Is No SolutionInteresting relationships may start forming between countries:

News Report (from MIGnews): The prime minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, has declared war (for now, diplomatic and economic) on Iceland, because Iceland’s bankrupt banks are refusing to return billions of dollars to their British clients.

Since the country’s actual default, forty billion dollars of British savings remain frozen in Iceland’s banks. The government of Iceland refuses to give guarantees on the investments of foreign clients in Iceland’s banks. In response, Brown has arrested the assets of Icelandic companies in Britain.

The British Telegraph reports that his actions were accompanied by the following statement: “We are freezing the assets of Icelandic companies in the UK where we can. We will take further action against the Icelandic authorities wherever that is necessary to recover the money.”

My Comment: All countries will find themselves in the same situation. But there won’t be anyone to fight, since everything is intertwined and there is no one to blame. Still, it’s possible that they will fight nevertheless before reaching the understanding that they have to move on to a different kind of relationship – mutual care for one another for the sake of survival.

And later they will come to the realization that they must “love one’s neighbor as oneself,” because everything that’s theirs depends on others. And later they will also attain the level of love for one’s neighbor, because others aren’t “neighbors” with regard to just finance or security, but in fact, we are connected by nature. Through the mutual guarantee (similar to the guarantee of a bank), people will attain the highest reward – the revelation of the Creator! Even Mr. Brown will be able to understand this.

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