The Machsom: Numbers and Statistics

MachsomA question I received: You’ve been the leader and mentor of the Bnei Baruch group for nearly twenty years. Maybe it’s time to make a public summary? How many people have crossed the Machsom over this period of time, and how has the world changed as a consequence? Or is this no longer the objective today? Are you now simply trying to change the world without your students’ personal correction?

I understand that this question will be deleted, but at least someone will read it. But if you do decide to publish an answer, then please don’t beat around the bush: give us real numbers and results, and the actual improvement in the world.

My Answer:

  • Number of students in the world – around 2,000,000.
  • Number of groups in the world – 73.
  • Number of people who have crossed the Machsom – 19.
  • Number of people who are about to cross the Machsom – 210. The rest will cross it by the year 2012.
  • Annual growth of students – 700-900%.
  • Number of hopeless students – 1. It’s you.


  1. I’m not apologizing about my ego – this is priceless.
    L’Chaim Rav.

  2. Great reply Rav! And straightforward!
    You made me smile and laugh heartilly with the last one!
    You are Great and Good indeed! And you have a good sense of Humor.
    Your Kabbalah has transformed me for good!
    You are the great Benefactor of Humanity for offering Kabbalah free to the whole World and in their own language.
    We love you!
    May all you do prosper!

  3. This post improved the quality of my day at LEAST 350%. Most Excellent

  4. how do you know who crossed or who will cross? do they send you an email?

  5. Good job Rav, See you at the lesson, Best wishes, good health and much light and hope

    Lechaim my dear Rav

  6. There are questions regarding that last comment:
    “Number of hopeless students – 1. It’s you”

     Why was this said? Is there truly no hope for this person? Or should we assume that what’s meant is: if you remain at  your current level of egoism your likelihood of crossing the barrier is nil?

  7. Ha, Ha wonderful response!

    You have given me hope and delight with this answer.

  8. Wow, this is great news! Seems like we have entered a period of exponential machsom crossing. But isn’t this worthy of more commenting? “The rest” will cross it by the year 2012? This changes the entire picture, le chaim! 😀

  9. 🙂 I’m studying Kabbalah with you on line and since then i have met many people with similar attitude.  Rav., I love your simplicity of the wisdom you spreading. But that simplicity takes hard work to achieve and that’s why most of us turning around without trying. 🙂

    All the best!

  10. Of the 19 that have crossed Machsom as of the date your blog was posted…is it fair to say that you are only ‘counting’ the males of your students? Is it also true to calculate that at least five times that number of female students must have also crossed the barrier because they were required to raise MAN to push those 19 across?

    I’d like to see the female statistics please!

  11. Dear Rav

    If i am reading this right, 2,000,000 -10,000,000 people will cross the machsom by 2012. What will the world look like after such a revelation of Light and also is there anything else we should be doing to accelerate this progress?

    Thank you Rav, as we are lost without your guidance.


  12. being that this subject is forbidden to be talked about {crossing the machom} how would you know specific numbers as to who crossed? this does not make anyy sense to me. how do you know that there are not more or less?

  13. Rav…could you please elaborate on your answer so we have more understanding on how you know these specific stats and prediction for 2012?

    Are you claiming this knowledge is only been revealed to you? Are you saying that students who cross the macshom know specifically who has crossed the machsom? How is this possible? Is not the Creator who only knows this??? Or…are you going by some teaching/predictions of Baal HaSulam or another teacher? Students want to know!

    Student Seeking the Truth

  14. Hi Rav,

    You posted this response four years ago. Are there new statistics?
    Are the numbers even important?

    Kind Regards,
    Miroslav Pavlek

  15. 2,000,000 students decided by 73 groups equals 27,396 students per group?
    How canths be true? … And at least 2,000,000 have crossed the barrier since 2012?
    Where are they all?

  16. In the house of a King, there are many characters, some are there to work, some to look for sweet and they are the foolish ones who miss the secrete of the kingdom for now.
    Nevertheless the king love them all.

    Lechaim my Dear Rav.

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