The Healing Effect of Catastrophes

All the World's "Wise People" Are In a CrisisNews Report (translated from Many countries, including Russia, received a boost of energy and confidence during the years of the raw material boom. For these countries, the financial instability that has swiftly spread all over the world has showed just how interdependent everyone in the world is, and has also outlined the limits of economic possibilities, and consequently – of the geopolitical possibilities as well.

Ideally, for powerful countries around the world, including Russia, the financial crisis can become an incentive to recognize the collective interests and the need for diversified actions as well as a rejection of egoism, which is presently inherent to all the people in the world without exception. However, in order for this to happen, people need to seriously realize that there is an impending catastrophe. Unfortunately, for now they don’t realize this.

My Comment: Of course, we can sit and wait for the crisis to turn into a catastrophe, and to bring about Nazi regimes in the developed countries, as well as a world war. This will make humanity realize our common, collective dependence, as well as the need to reject egoism. They will then look for a way to correct human nature, and finally reveal Kabbalah. But this is the path of suffering.

The alternative path is to spread the method of egoism’s correction around the world today, and to implement it.

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