Spiritual Teacher

Is There Meditation In Kabbalah? A spiritual teacher is a person who shapes and molds you, sets your direction toward the purpose of life, sets an example for you, and helps you make your first steps in a world that’s completely new for you, the Upper World.

How much you can absorb from him depends on you. To the extent you incorporate in him, you will find your future degrees of ascent.

A teacher conceals and reveals himself as much or as little as necessary to give the student the ability to develop freely and along the right path. When the teacher is present, the student isn’t happy with him, but once the teacher is gone, the student isn’t happy with himself.

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  1. In the most egoistic sense I can muster, I appreciate the time and effort your put into this blog. Your wisdom makes me want to be wise, and your desire makes me desire the Creator. Now, if I could only pass it on, the picture would be complete!

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