Joy Brings You Closer to the Creator

A question I received: Why do I despair that I am so far from the Creator? And why do I feel deep down, that this feeling of isolation is false? I’m scared for my sanity, and it makes me cry.

My Answer: You lack the support of the environment. Or perhaps you have an environment but you are not ready to absorb the force of the society from them. Everything depends on you. Even a virtual connection can hold a person in the correct state.

Despair pushes you away from the Creator, whereas joy draws you closer. Read Shamati article #58, “Joy is a Reflection of Good Deeds.” If a person isn’t happy, then by feeling this way he blames the Creator for creating the world incorrectly and does not justify His actions. He is saying that Creator is bad, and hence he is called a sinner – not for his actions, but for his mood!

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  1. Thank you Rav! Words I needed to hear.

  2. Whenever a human being fills joy or happiness, the Creator feels happy too because all is contained within man including the Creator himself and this is the meaning why Rav Baruch once said to revere the stadium, because it is a place where thousands of people feel happy and this gives happiness to the Creator too.
    This principle respects the law of equivalence of form. 🙂

    PS: Curiously or not so curiously or fantastic is the fact that human beings that experience pleasure and joy live longer than those that don’t. Happiness, Trust and Love could probably be the main weapons of future Modern Science, isn’t it so Rav?

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