Hollywood Is Also Affected by the World Crisis

America - Optimistic, and Why?News Report (translated from Israland): Hollywood will be affected by the global crisis as well. Nevertheless, film studios feel better than everyone else because most people prefer watching movies to watching the market keep plummeting. This is what happened during the Great Depression in America 80 years ago.

My Comment: Man is a will to enjoy or be filled. His top two demands are “bread,” and “something to feast his eyes on” (a spectacle). It has always been this way throughout our entire history, when the ego was growing from one generation to the next.

Today, however, we’ve stepped up to a new level of development: We are no longer pushed forward by the quantitative growth of egoism, but by its qualitative change. Today egoism has become global. Hence we can no longer be satisfied with “bread and a spectacle.” The blows of fate are manifesting due to our global, egoistic opposition to the altruistic Nature. And the blows will keep getting bigger until we change the direction of our development, redirecting it toward the correction of our egoism, until we reach the point of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

Only then will we become similar to Nature and the blows will stop coming at us. Even Hollywood will have to change its “spectacles” from egoistic to altruistic if it is to survive!

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