A Visit from the President of Haifa University

We were visited by the President of the University of Haifa – Professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev (left in the photograph below). Prof. Ben Ze’ev is considered one of the world’s leading experts in the study of emotions and perception. He has written many books and articles on these topics.

Professor Ben Zeev

There were no contradictions between us. The only difference is that Kabbalah clearly defines every desire and the sensation inside it, and it graduates the sensations according to their levels and qualities. However, the earthy sciences cannot do this, because we can only research something while being on a level above the object being researched. Hence we can research the still and vegetative levels of nature, and a part of the animate level, but we cannot accurately research man since we are at the same level as the object being researched.

This is why psychology isn’t an accurate science. Kabbalah, on the other hand, lifts man above his animate and psychological levels, allowing him to measure and reproduce any sensation, and to examine its cause, process, and consequences.

One of Professor Ben-Ze’ev’s specialties is the research of the feeling of love. He has an enormous amount of empirical data on this, yet this earthly science does not enable him to systematize them. In the future scientists will discover that it’s vitally necessary to systematize knowledge and to have a clear understanding of the nature of feelings and sensations. Then this “crisis” will lead psychologists to Kabbalah.

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