Why Don’t Kabbalists Enter the Political Arena?

Why Don\'t Kabbalists Enter the Political Arena?A question I received: More and more people are waking up to the evil within us. Why don’t Kabbalists go out on the political arena? Won’t establishing a political party also be a way to distribute the knowledge of Kabbalah? Or will this hurt the distribution of this wisdom? Even if people don’t like what they hear, they will still have a relation to Kabbalistic knowledge. Wouldn’t the Light give people a push in the right direction then?

My Answer: Our goal is to educate people, to give them knowledge about the true structure of the world, its goal, and man’s role in the world. People will soon start to understand that in order to reach a better future, they have to change their lifestyle, the entire social system and government relations. They will then desire to change their world based on our explanations of the laws operating in society and the world, and will come to naturally realize that the world has to be governed by Kabbalists.

However, this will happen to the extent of people’s Kabbalistic education, the recognition of evil and correction. Until then, we have to disseminate Kabbalah from below upwards, because any attempts to enter politics (to “take over” the Ministry of Education and teach Kabbalah to the masses) will be misunderstood and met with hostility.

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  1. “the world has to be governed by Kabbalists”-I am not taing this out of contwxt as I did read your entire explanation .. It does seem to me that you are truly teaching a method of awakening by which the goodness in the heart of humanity can “rule”..whether they call themselves Kabbalists or not.

    Please explain what you mean by this. It seems that if we as a humanity shift toward the good with good intentions on a collective level there wont be the same requirement of government as we have been programmed to require and thus, we could usher in an “age of light” where we no longer have “rulers” but rather are ruled by this G-d that may be beyond comprehension, but is experienced by each and every human being.

    With Agape,
    Peace-Shalom-Salaam-Shanti To all of you,
    White Rose

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