Whose Money Supports the Existence of the Kabbalah Academy?

Whose Money Supports the Existence of the Kabbalah Academy?

Two questions I received on how the International Kabbalah Academy is funded and how to explain this to others:

Question: I’d like to know whose money supports the existence of the International Kabbalah Academy?

My Answer: It’s supported only by the Maaser (“one-tenth”) contributed by the students. We do not receive help from any fund.

Every person who wishes to develop spiritually, to participate in the system of the common soul’s (Adam’s) correction, must allocate 10% of his income to the correction of the world. This rule comes from the structure of the soul: We can correct the first nine Sefirot on our own, but we have to hand over the tenth Sefira, Malchut, for correction to the Temple. But as long as there is no Temple, we give it to the dissemination of the method of correction around the world.

If a person doesn’t do this, then he won’t be able to attain his private correction. It’s because his point in the heart is only the initial desire, but the rest of the desire (which enables him to unite with the other souls, to create a common vessel for receiving the Light, for revealing the Creator) can only be received from others. This is why it is written, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is the main principle of the Torah, or in other words, of receiving the Light.

This is also a way to tell whether you are simply satisfying your curiosity or seriously desiring to participate in your private correction and the general correction of the world. You can even spend your own contribution, provided that you coordinate it with our common dissemination center.

No one pays our center. It is supported by additional contributions made by the students, besides the 10% that goes to dissemination. I hope you will understand this and use it as an example!

Question: I’m married, and I’d like to know what I can say to my family when they ask me why I pay Maaser? I understand why I do it, and I feel great responsibility and the importance of dissemination and of the goal. I don’t intend to stop deducting this part of my salary.

However, if I try explaining this to them using words from the spiritual world, saying that it’s the tenth part of the soul, Malchut, then they simply won’t understand me. On the other hand, if I don’t try to explain it to them at all, they will think I’m crazy for paying Maaser. What explanation can I give them (even a temporary one), so they won’t think that Maaser is pointless?

My Answer: Tell them that you are putting it aside for “the world to come,” for them and for you, and that you’re all definitely going to get there. Calculate how much you’re spending, even without realizing “what” you are spending it on.

But in general, no one is obligating you. See Baal HaSulam’s article “The Peace.” There he explains that the Creator is like a salesman in a store, and He gives everyone whatever they take from this world, and writes it down in His notebook. And afterwards He systematically collects the payment from you, whether you realize it or not.

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  1. Hi, I have been granted with the accessibility to the Kabbalah media publications, tv, music and pdf free books since 2006.

    Years before I rejected to accept the law of sojme churches to pay the 10% of one´s salary 

    This morning I was having my morning Kabbalah TV and passed one of the Michael Laitmann blogs where he answers the question about the support for all this people I have been receiving help in my work to aproach espirituality and get Israel.

    For long long time, since I discovered the pleasure to reed the Pentatheuc when I discovered the marvelous of The One, I have been always looking for and talking to and singing to THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR.  I started beleaving deeply the stories of this ancient book. I CAN SAY THAT I DO LOVE CREATOR WITH ALL OF ME and latest I have been thinking that time is running and I want to know what I can do to accomplish the Creator´s project for the entire world.

    Now, I feel I want to pay my 10%to help in the maintenance of this noble work the Kabbalah Academy has been doing for the humanity and want you to tell which is the way to do it.

    Finally, what can I do when my monthly payment is delayed?  some times I collect 4-5 months just with specie part of my payment (home and some food) specially nowadayws in this hard times of the world.

    Thank You again

  2. I was wondering. If I get the Maaser back from taxes at the end of the year (because I described them to charity or donations) will it count spiritualy? Because at the end, I didn’t give anything at all because I get it back!

    Thank you, Karin

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