What Makes Kabbalah Different from the Football Madness?

What Makes Kabbalah Different from the Football Madness?A question I received: Right now we’re witnessing this “football madness” all around the world. It seems like people are ‘warming up’ their intention, their thoughts and desires for this sport even on the days and times when there are no games scheduled. The TV is virtually bombing us with this “intention” – people are wearing their favorite team colors, everyone’s talking about it, and it’s slowly becoming ‘the only real thing in existence,’ even for those who are not fans. Masses of people are living through the same emotions.

What is the difference between this phenomena and what we are trying to do in our lessons and dissemination? What really makes our intention and our goal more important than theirs, when we’re still in our preparation period and cannot really tell the difference?

My Answer: The goal and the result.

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