What Is the Soul?

What Is the Soul?Questions I received on the soul and its relationship with the body:

Question: You insist that the soul is inside one’s heart. Then how do you explain the fact that people can live after a heart transplant?

My Answer: I think you are confusing me with someone else. I never said anything like this. The soul is not located in the human body at all. It is the property of love and bestowal that a person attains.

Question: What is the soul for you?

My Answer: The soul is the property of love and bestowal – the property of the Creator. It is written, “The soul is a part of the Creator from above,” and the Creator is the desire to love and bestow. And that’s all!

Question: When does the soul incarnate into the human body: during conception or during birth?

My Answer: The soul isn’t connected to any bodily processes in any way, and it doesn’t incarnate into anything. It comes to a person when he attains the property of bestowal.

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