Watch Out for the “Practical Kabbalists” (the Phoneys)

Not Every Phony Is a KabbalistA question I received: Hello dear Rav Laitman. I tried to get my father interested in Kabbalah lessons, but he didn’t like them and two weeks later he said that I listen to the lessons too much. He found a small ad in the local newspaper that said, “We teach practical Kabbalah.” My father – who is a religious, decent and straightforward man – called them, and when the conversation was over he wanted to speak to me. He said that the man he spoke with told him that if a person studies Kabbalah alone, he will end up in the “Gates of Menashe” (a psychiatric clinic)! This made me very angry and upset, since I am studying something completely different. I started defending myself and arguing with him. He also got angry and said that this is no way for a daughter to speak to her father, and that my behavior was unacceptable. What should I do to prevent others from interfering with my “life-line” and my true development?

My Answer: You should conclude that 1. Not all the salesmen teach authentic Kabbalah – there are phoneys. 2. “Practical Kabbalah” is practical fraud. 3. There’s no sense calling random phone numbers in the local newspaper, or thinking that everyone is like us. 4. Bring your father to my lecture at “Beit Kabbalah L’Am” on Tuesday, 7:30 PM.

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