The Greatest Thing You Can Do Is Attain the Greatest Thing That There Is

The Greatest Thing You Can Attain Is the Greatest Thing That There IsQuestions I received on being able to read original Kabbalistic sources alone and achieving something great in life:

Question: You often emphasize that people should only study according to your lessons. I agree that at first there’s no other way, but later on a person reaches a point when he wants to read the sources on his own and to understand them in his own way. I have a different Kli than you, and I can see the Light only in my own Kli. Can a student independently decide when he is ready to advance on his own?

My Answer: You are absolutely right – you should study Baal HaSulam’s texts on your own, independently, and try to understand what’s written there on your own! However, you should only do this after properly attuning yourself using our lessons. Otherwise you will get confused and it will take a long time to “disconfuse” you, and it would be a shame to waste so much time! Besides, usually it’s impossible to do this. So it’s best to first read the text with the help of my lesson, and then to read the original text without my explanations.

Question: Dear Rav Laitman, I’m 37 and by now I’ve done many things that got me in trouble. This year everything is going wrong. I feel like I’m under huge pressure, and I can’t do anything to stop it. Ever since I was a child I felt that I was meant to do something great in my life, and that my life is being wasted. But instead, I have completely isolated myself. How can I come out of this vicious cycle? Should I repent? I wouldn’t even know how.

My Answer: The greatest thing you can do is attain the greatest thing that there is. And the greatest thing that there is – is the Creator. There is no goal higher or greater than Him! So you should read only Baal HaSulam’s materials 24 hours a day!

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